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The importance of a good hire is fundamental to company success.  On the converse the impact of a bad hire can prove to be devasting financially and have long last negative implications

Brydon Gama

Brydon Gama with our combined 31 years of staffing experience behind us takes exceptional care in understanding your technical requirements and departmental/business culture.

We understand the wrong hire is expensive and can be crippling in achieving your IT and more importantly company’s business objectives.

Our recruiting team is very well versed technically and know how to ask the correct questions in vetting potential candidates. Unlike many IT staffing firms that simply cut and paste information gleaned from the resume as per the presentation notes sent to you, we take the time to go deep and understand the projects the potential candidates have been focused on to far more accurately determine their suitability as per your requirement.   We respect your time.  We’ll only send you the best.

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