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Developing Innovative Strategies


Brydon Gama Philosophy

There are three decisions that are likely to be the most important in your life.

  1. Who will you marry/choose to be your lifetime partner.

  2. What house will be the first that you purchase.

  3. What job or career choice will you choose when offered?

At Brydon Gama, we know how important choosing the right job and selecting the best candidate can be. We’ve been assisting clients and candidates in the IT staffing industry for 25 years and what we’ve come to conclude is that you need to be extremely passionate and love assisting companies and people in reaching their objectives to be successful.  This is the ultimate people business!


We understand that people cannot nor should they ever be pressured in to making decisions as per hiring candidates nor should candidates ever be pushed in to accepting a position.  It has to feel right on both sides.  The best asset a staffing agency has even more important than their experience and expertise is the honesty and integrity they can provide to both clients and candidates.  In the end that ‘s what people want to see.

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